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Whissonsett Village Hall & Committee Members

The AGM was held at the Village Hall on Wednesday 5th June 2017 and was well attended by the village; many thanks to everyone who came to support the Village Hall and participated during the meeting. The Treasurer gave the annual report (these are available by contacting the Secretary by telephone or email) and then the current committee stepped down from their posts, nominations were taken for new committee members and the following elected:

Carolyn Mc Arthur (Chair) - 01328 701114 (ICE 3)
Dawn Rangeley (Treasurer) - 07540891057 (ICE 2)
Karen Rodgers (Secretary - Job Share) - 07854566211 (ICE 4)
Sarah Gore Clough (Secretary - Job share) - 07714104029 (ICE 5)

(ICE = in case of emergency)

Our Caretaker continues to be Ellen Moore - 07786 943342 (ICE 1)

Committee Meetings at which the public are very welcome will generally take place on a monthly basis on the first Monday of the month. Please feel free to contact any of the committee if you would like to check a forthcoming meeting date. All meetings are at the Village Hall.

Details of our future events are available on both the events section of this website and on our Facebook page and we would appreciate as much support as possible. We look forward to seeing you there.

Hiring Fees

New Customers - £8 per hour, minimum 3 hours

Regular Bookings - £6 per hour

Wedding receptions - £100 (Kitchen facilities, Tables and Chairs Provided)

Parties - £50 per evening.


For all booking enquiries,
please contact Ellen Moore, Caretaker on 07786 943342.

Situated at the centre of the village in London Street, the Hall is Licensed for entertainment consisting of live and recorded music, dancing etc.

Accommodating up to 150 people depending on the activity, Main Hall with a small stage and kitchen, Male, Female and Accessible Toilets with access ramp, limited parking for users on site with ample parking nearby on the Playing fields, where there is also a dedicated children`s play area.




6th February 2017

Present: Dawn Rangeley (DR), Sue Rutter, Caroline Wilson, Mike Pye, Viv Thomas, Viv Daniels, Jean Hart.

Apologies: Karen Rodgers (KR), Cheryl Thomas, Malcolm & Jan Davenport, Sarah & Dave Gore Clough.

  • Welcome and Apologies
  • Minutes of Meeting 9th January – accepted as a true reflection and signed by Chair
  • Matters Arising –
    • Can recycling bank – Investigations ongoing by DER
    • Car Parking - Following the last meeting a private discussion was held and a subsequent meeting arranged with Parish Council representatives and affected locals.
      • An agreement was reached that the parking company would be asked to change the enforcement hours to 8am – 10pm as this would cover most eventualities, yet still ensure that the spaces were kept clear for users of the hall.
      • A further agreement was made that if there were no more issues / complaints / abuse, then we would consider removing the restrictions overall, to restore a sense of village harmony and move back to working on a community minded basis.
    • Planning for 2017 – See later discussion
    • Window Cleaning – Quotes still being obtained
    • Calendar – Purchased and hung on wall for reference
      Note for the record - It has previously been emphasised that writing a booking on the calendar does not guarantee the booking as an electronic diary is now kept for the use of all of the committee and the caretaker and until a booking form and deposit are received by the treasurer, it will not be classed as confirmed.
  • Treasurers Report:-
    • Booking for Polling station and a couple of private events.
    • Oil purchased at £478.28.
    • Current account Balance 1/1/2017 stood at £7,012.02 however invoices of £2.5K for the floor and £258 to Anglian Chemicals were still to be paid. Other expenses incurred included new door lock and keys for kitchen. Licence fee for 100 club paid.
    • DR still to look at moving the electricity contract via a comparison site.
  • Correspondence – None known about (Secretary not at meeting due to family emergency)
  • Planning for 2017 – Potential events are:-
    • Open Garden with Village Hall open for Ploughman’s lunch – timing is key due to weather and the gardens being in full bloom.
      Horticultural society approached for assistance by DER and reply awaited.
      Viv Daniels has offered to co-ordinate the initial enquiries and a list of gardens that may consider joining in was collated.
      DER has offered that Paston Cottage can be on the list with the Barn used for the food offering, rather than having to ask people to go back to the village hall.
      Timing discussed and Sunday 9th July Suggested.
    • Christmas Bingo – Date TBC – Format already known and will be discussed nearer the time

    • Scarecrow Trail / Hoe Down – Discussed as a potential family themed event with some ‘treasure trail’ type questions leading from one scarecrow to another and then a supper and Hoe Down at the Village hall. Caroline Wilson has offered to check the price of a band with someone she knows and revert. Tickets for the evening event might perhaps include a supper (Pie & Peas?) with “bring your own’ for any alcohol to prevent licencing issues. Maybe to include a harvest theme or dress up for the children with prizes.
    • Craft Fayre is booked for 4/11 – Shared between WVH & PCC as usual. Caroline Wilson Co-ordinating.

    • Volunteers needed for each event:- A very limited meeting attendance, so volunteers to be discussed next month.

  • AOB
    • Pear Tree Corner – Mike mentioned that the Pear Tree has been removed again (possibly during hedge cutting) – Discussion held and suggested referral to Parish Council if it is believed it is of local impact / interest.
    • Rubbish levels around the village were noted and discussed. Various attendees already complete a regular litter pick whilst dog walking. All have noted a significant increase in the problem and DER offered to send an issue for discussion at the next Parish Council meeting.