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Whissonsett Village Hall & Committee Members

The AGM was held at the Village Hall on Wednesday 5th June 2017 and was well attended by the village; many thanks to everyone who came to support the Village Hall and participated during the meeting. The Treasurer gave the annual report (these are available by contacting the Secretary by telephone or email) and then the current committee stepped down from their posts, nominations were taken for new committee members and the following elected:

Carolyn Mc Arthur (Chair) – 01328 701114 (ICE 3)
Dawn Rangeley (Treasurer) – 07540 891057 (ICE 2)
Karen Rodgers (Secretary – Job Share) – 07854 566211 (ICE 4)
Sarah Gore Clough (Secretary – Job share) – 07714 104029 (ICE 5)

(ICE = in case of emergency)

Our Caretaker continues to be Ellen Moore – 07786 943342 (ICE 1)


Committee Meetings at which the public are very welcome will generally take place on a monthly basis on the first Monday of the month. Please feel free to contact any of the committee if you would like to check a forthcoming meeting date. All meetings are at the Village Hall.

Details of our future events are available on both the events section of this website and on our Facebook page and we would appreciate as much support as possible. We look forward to seeing you there.

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