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Whissonsett Police

Your local dedicated officers

Pc 849 Matt Boggust and PCSO 8547 Daren Smith are your parish liaison officers for Whissonsett and the surrounding villages of Weasenham, Wellingham, Tittleshall, Stanfield, Horningtoft and Colkirk.

Matt has been a police officer for 5 years and has worked at Kings Lynn, Fakenham and Dereham. He has been a member of the Dereham Safer Neighbourhood Team for the last year.

Daren has been with the Safer Neighbourhood Team since joining the Force six months ago.

Dereham police have a new leader. Inspector Terry Lordan has spent the last few years working in the force control room and has been appointed as the local Inspector dedicated to rural policing.

If you see them at parish meetings or events around the villages please feel free to approach them to discuss any issues you may have, or simply to say hello.


PC Matthew Boggust

Inspector Terry Lordan

PCSO Daren Smith

Crime summary

Being quite a small village, Whissonsett has a correspondingly low rate of crime. Since 1st September 2010 only one crime has been reported; the theft of a rowing boat; unusual so far from the sea!
The Dereham Local delivery Unit (LDU) as a whole has seen a 4% reduction in recorded crime compared to last year. Historically there is an expected lessening of crime during winter months.

Seasonal security measures

As Christmas approaches be aware of leaving opportunities for thieves. Darker afternoons and evenings make it easy to spot empty houses. Draw the curtains if you are not at home and leave a light on. If you are going to be out all day or for a few days, consider using a timer plug to turn one lamp on and off. Presents under the tree in full view of the front window are tempting and ready wrapped!

Heating oil fuel thefts are continuing sporadically in rural areas, so as before, consider the security of your tank.

How to contact your local Safer Neighbourhood Team:

Phone: 0845 456 4567



Visit: Dereham Police Station, Commercial Road, Dereham, Monday to Friday 8am -6pm

Please report any suspicious activity to Norfolk Constabulary, as it helps to build a picture of what is happening across the neighbourhood. Having said all of that, Norfolk is one of the safest places to live in the country.

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